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Supplements are the easiest, first step to start feeling better fast!

Simplify & supercharge your gut microbiome with my powerhouse protocol beverage so you can show up at your best. 

The gut plays a pivotal role in supporting stress hormone regulation by producing neurotransmitters like serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which influence mood and help modulate the way the body handles stress.

As soon as you start the protocol, you will be supporting your gut to work for you, it’s that easy. Choose an option below to get started: 

This drink will change your life.


support your gut with my powerhouse protocol

This probiotic beverage is the first step in your overall health, to support your cortisol hormone, which will support the life you are creating and give you the energy, drive, and good mood to enjoy that life in the way you desire. 
Clinical studies have shown:
⚡️49% REDUCTION in Overall Distress
⚡️211% INCREASE in Positive MOOD
⚡️105% DECREASE in Negative THOUGHTS

Its nickname is “Happy Juice” because it works.
Once you start on this protocol, your friends will be asking what you’ve done differently, because you will simply start to show up differently!

Stop waiting to feel your best, start today!

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🌱All Natural, Plant-Based, No Artificial Sugars, Dyes or Additives.

what this protocol can do for you

Cortisol has a profound impact on the gut.
It’s NOT just MIND over MATTER.
It's time to stop believing that lie, and shaming yourself.
Your GUT is to blame. 

Even worse, high cortisol is often adding inches to your waistline and making you uncomfortable, which is not helping your mental state. 
The good news is you can supercharge the way your body manages stress by fueling your gut microbiome with strain specific probiotics and nootropics. 

I was introduced to a simple beverage, and not to be dramatic, but it quite literally changed my life. Giving your gut the building blocks it needs to help you SHOW UP Better, for the life you are creating. 

Within weeks of being on this protocol my kids noticed a shift in the way I was showing up:
More patient, less frazzled.
More feelings, less numb.
More laughter, less yelling.
More energy, less burnout.
More focus, less headaches.
More gratitude, less shame for not being able to manage the stress better.

If it worked for me, why wouldn't it work for you too?

Stress and feelings of overwhelm alter the way you show up. Even with the best of intentions, when cortisol is high you simply do not have the bandwidth mentally to show up in excellence. 

The world needs The BEST Version of you.
Not the bloated, overwhelmed, living in fight-or-flight version.
Let’s help her shine. 🌟

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the world needs the best version of you.
not the bloated, moody, overwhelmed version. 

You DESERVE to be HAPPY, and to FEEL Your BEST.

Use promo dana for $10 off

🌱All Natural, Plant-Based, No Artificial Sugars, Dyes or Additives.

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SIGNS your stress hormone might need attention:

Common Signs of High Cortisol

When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol, your infamous stress hormone, which leads to inflammation, and creates a myriad of symptoms. 

- Sleep Issues / Restlessness
- Low Energy
- Weight Gain / Loss
- Anxious / Depressed
- Digestive Issues
- Low / High Immune Function
- Autoimmune Disorders 
- Memory & focus issues 
- Craving sugar and high fat foods 
- Bloated
- Anxious / Unmotivated

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🌱All Natural, Plant-Based, No Artificial Sugars, Dyes or Additives.

The Ingredients

Ready to take the next step in your health journey, but not sure if this is the correct protocol?  

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 This protocol combines a unique blend of three powders, which together have been nick-named Happy Juice. That’s no coincidence, because that’s exactly how you’ll feel after adding this to your habits.

You're worth it.

The investment is in yourself.  

One simple protocol can change the trajectory of how your body manages stress, and help you show up as the woman, mom, wife and friend you know God intended you to be. 

There is literally no risk to try. 
100% money-back guaranteed.
Try it, give it 90 days and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s fully refundable. 

Pro-Tip: Do the subscribe and save, and save yourself the extra 10% knowing you can change / edit / cancel at any time. 

You deserve to feel amazing too!

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I watched my fit husband die at 40.

There were little to no symptoms of my husband's cancerous tumor.  Sitting beside him as he took his last breath sent me straight into living in a state of complete overwhelm that quickly turned into high-functioning anxiety.  I was never calm.

My nervous system was instantly wrecked,
as I began living in a constant state of fight-or-flight. 

Maybe you’re there now. 

As I searched for answers, every path led me back to unmanaged stress as a key factor in his death.
That’s when I learned about the gut-microbiome
and the power of this second brain.
Ten years later, I am honored to be able to take what began as my pain and share it with you.

You don't need a diagnosis, to start managing your stress better.

"THIS PROTOCOL supercharges my workouts, gives me mental clarity and resilience for my intense and stressful job, and supports my mood so I am happy at work. Prior to this protocol I was in a place of debilitating depression and could not find the energy to do anything outside of my job, and honestly every day was kinda-miserable. Now I workout almost every day, and I just enrolled in nutrition school!"


"THIS PROTOCOL literally ended almost every single symptom of what I thought was perimenopause. I have more energy, less brain fog, more motivation and no more heart palpitations. My anxiety is gone and I can’t remember the last time I felt depressed. I cannot believe it took me so long to say yes to this solution."


"this protocol isn’t just for kids! Happy Juice and the Kids Pixie has been a game changer for my 4th grader with ADHD. Since starting on this protocol his teachers have thanked me! He is no longer disruptive in the classroom, he is completing his homework without struggle, and the best part is that I’m seeing his confidence come back!"