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Your host, Dana Lewis, is here to encourage you not to settle! In this podcast, she shares insight, strategies, and interviews with people who have been down these stressful roads, replaced their unhealthy patterns, and learned to thrive!

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024: Reducing Mental Clutter

Laurel Denise, known as the internet’s most relatable planner girl, discusses the role of planning in reducing stress and anxiety. When we have so much on our to-do lists, we need space for these thoughts and dreams to live. Laurel shares her journey of creating a planner business that helps people connect the dots to all different areas of life so nothing falls through the cracks...

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023: Train Your Mind: The Solution for Negative Thinking

Dr. Reed introduces the concept of Relentless Solution Focus, which is the mind's ability to stay focused on solutions in the face of adversity. She emphasizes the benefits of optimism and how it can lead to happiness, better health, and a longer life. More importantly, she provides practical tools to help retrain your brain...

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022: Healing and Readiness: Dating After Loss

Tricia and I explore the challenges, the appropriate timing and the importance of understanding your own grief before entering a new relationship. We get real about our own journeys dating as widows, from managing anger and sadness to laugh-out-loud moments that brought us both to finding true healing...

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