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Gut check: From Overwhelmed Mom to Peaceful Parent

Is anxiety killing your home vibe? It did mine for far too long! 

Last night, I sat down with all three of my boys to play a game. Their laughter and giggles filled the room, as they told stories about ‘old mom’ (Translation: let’s talk about when mom would lose it and holler.)

One story, in particular, stood out – a hilarious recount of the time I, in a fit of heightened cortisol-induced rage, confiscated a phone from one of them, only to forget where I hid it and ended up buying a new one. It’s moments like these that remind me of the real and raw journey of motherhood.

I’ll be honest – there was a time when I felt like I was barely keeping it together. On the outside, I was the picture-perfect mom, but on the inside, I was overwhelmed and riddled with anxiety. Maybe you can relate. 

The only solution I knew of was pharmaceuticals. I gave them a try, but they left me feeling numb, disconnected and unfulfilled. Exercise was my only coping mechanism but the effects didn’t last long enough. There is not enough time to chase that endorphin high more than once in a day.

I craved a peaceful home, where I could handle the chaos with grace, but I had no idea how to get there.  If that’s how I felt, imagine how it must have been for my kids! Kids are like sponges. They feel it when we are stressed out. In small kids it can result in behavioral issues. Older kids might withdraw and begin talking less. 

About five years into my widowhood journey, I stumbled upon something that would change my life forever – the gut-brain axis. I learned that 90% of our happy neurotransmitters, 70% of our immune function, and 90% of our patience and ability to stay calm in stressful situations stem from the gut. It was a revelation.

I embarked on a probiotic protocol, and the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within weeks, I stopped losing my cool with my kids. For the first time in a long time, I found myself laughing at their silly shenanigans. Within months, my friends noticed a difference – I was happier, more present, and more engaged. And within the first year, I had started a business and was fully committed to helping others change their stories for the better.

Here’s the thing I’ve come to realize: we cannot give our children something we don’t have ourselves. I didn’t have peace – I had anxiety. I didn’t have patience – I was overwhelmed. And I certainly didn’t have compassion – my grief over my husband’s sudden death had left me with nothing but anger. Enter self-shaming. Beating  myself up for not handling situations the way I desired to.  If you’re a mom, you know that feeling. 

Today, as part of a blended family of five boys, I am the mom I always wanted to be. I am grateful for the relationship I have with my kids, and I’m thankful every day that I started on this journey when they were still young enough to remember when our home vibe changed. When I changed. Honestly, when we all found stress resilience. I stopped hollering and started listening. I became present enough to have compassion and solve their problems in the moment they needed me. I’m so thankful I said yes to this probiotic protocol. 

Your life deserves the best version of you—not the tired, overwhelmed, anxious one. The world gives us moms enough reasons to self-shame… let’s not give ourselves another reason! Do yourself a favor and help support your gut so you can manage stress better.

Give it a try!  One simple protocol, that will change the way your body manages stress. If you start to manage the stress better, you will be able to look back and giggle with your kids about the old you, too!  

I'm Dana Lewis

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When my fit husband died at forty from a cancerous tumor with little to no symptoms, it left stress to blame and lots of questions to be answered. As I began searching for answers, I learned about the microbiome and the power of this second brain. Ten years later, I am honored to be able to take what began as my pain and share it with you.