Hi, I'm Dana!

Live life with real joy, more energy, and a healthier metabolism.

Isn’t it time to THRIVE and not SIMPLY SURVIVE?

I can show you how it is possible!

I spent years faking fine after I lost my husband and father of my 3 boys to cancer in 2013. The shock that a seemingly fit and healthy person could die at age 40 and the mental weight of raising our family without him, sent me on a journey to a better understanding of what wellness really is.

What I learned is that:

  • Overall health is more than simply diet + exercise
  • Stress and your mindset play a much larger role in wellness than you might expect.
  • Your gut microbiome is often the missing link in combating anxiety, depression, weight gain and inflammation.

Lifestyle wellness should not be confusing or complicated. My strategy is simple, straight forward and sustainable.

Nothing brings me more joy than to see someone empower themselves to make small changes in their daily habits which result in big changes in your overall health and life!

Health plans built on a one size fits all formula are not a long-term solution.
We are uniquely and amazingly made, and we should all live that way! I will empower you to learn what works for YOU and for YOUR Body, because we are not all the same.

I have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering but my real super power is helping others master the daily habits that consistently deliver more joy, energy, and success.

If you are ready to step Into your healthiest, happiest, most energetic version of YOU, you’re in the right place!